Some Details About Us

Summit herb is a trading, importing and exporting company based and registered in Nepal. Summit Herbs has been conducting export business of our pure organic herbal products and spices from high altitude of Nepal. Backed by very experienced and competent team, Summit Herbs is successful in achieving credibility and reliability at present context in term of its quality products through out the globe.

Our Organic Proucts

We have accomplishing ourselves to pervasively market our pure Nepali organic herbal products and spices to every corner of the globe in current competitive market.

“its not about how they are selling, Its all about what is being sold.”

Our marketed herbal products are natural healer and deemed panacea for mankind in every step of life. Its purely organic and planted or grown in high altitude in hills & Himalayas of Nepal.I has been widely apprehended in the global perspective that Nepal yields such natural herbs that has global demand and international market. Which Summit herb has proudly accomplished.
Nettle & Hemp Fiber

Products to Supply

We provide finest products through out the world. Due to the demand of  valuable herbs and Organic Products from Nepal we have proven ourselves with the best organic raw herbs provider. and supplier of Different Organic Products all grown and collected from the remote hills of Nepal.

collecting Herbs

All of our herbs are handpicked by local herb experts. Herbs collecting have been thier family occupation for hundreds of years. They are the experts of himalayas and the herbs the grows in the reagion.

Fresh Honey

There is a lots of energy and efforts to provide you with the finest quality products from one of the most remote reasons in world. You can watch our video to know how the finest honey is collected from the hills of Nepal.

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Our Products

We provide a wide selection of organic herbs and spices that range from Tea to herbs and herbal powder and everything in between. With us  you will find only the freshest teas and herbs powders available online, free of all pesticides, herbicides and irradiation.

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